Final Exam 2023/2024 Spring

Prior the Final Exam

To the Registrar's Office

  • Fill and submit the online Final Exam Registration Form in Neptun between 14-24 March 2024!
    Technical help to fill the form
  • Upload your 3 (if you started before 2020: 4) Research Papers through your own Neptun surface before 5 April 2024!
    Please, keep in mind, that there is no possibility for the late submission of portfolios!

    Technical help to upload your papers

To Anita Velősy in the Psychology Institute

  • Choose one of your Research Papers (an empirical study) for evaluation and presentation during the Final Exam process. The choosen paper can be improved before the final upload and submission based on the previous feedback of the consulent of the Research Practice.
  • Submit your choosen Research Paper to Anita Velősy ( in an electronic format before 5 April 2024!
  • Latest 1 week before the Final Exam you will get the evaluations of the choosen papers. One theoretical topic related to your paper to be presented will be determined by the evaluating teacher in advance. You can download the list of topics here: Final Exam Topics


The final exam is an oral exam of two parts

1. Presentation of a Research Paper

  • Presentation of the freely chosen Reserach Paper.
  • The paper needs to be presented in 15 minutes with Power Point (Prezi).
  • After the presentation the examination board may ask questions regarding either the theory or the research part of the presentation


2. Presentation of the given theoretical topic 

  • Presentation of the theoretical topic in 5 minutes separated from the presentation of the research paper, at the beginning or the end of the study presentation.
  • After the presentation the examination board may ask questions regarding the topic. The students need to show a deep understanding and knowledge in the area.


Evaluation of Final Exam Performance

You can downlod the evaluation guidelines here.


Theoretical Grade (Evaluation on a 1-5 scale)

  • Presentation of the theoretical topic and integration into the own researchth
  • Presentation of the theoretical background of the own study
  • Answers to the questions of the examination board regarding the theoretical topic and theoretcical background


Defense Grade (Evaluation on a 1-5 scale)

  • Presentation of the own study
  • Reflections to the questions regarding the study


Degree Grade

Mathematical average of the following grades:

  • Theoretical Final Exam Grade
  • Defense Grade on the Final Exam
  • Average of the the written evaluations of the choosen paper
  • Average of the Complex Exam Grades
  • Weighted average of all the grades during studies


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