Old Program (started before 2017) - Final Exam 2023 Spring


Prior the Final Exam


The final exam consists of two parts.


1. Written Assignment

Next Date: June 2023

  • The students will get four essay question, one from each main field of psychology.
  • The questions need to be answered  in about 300-400 words.
  • The main theoretical concepts and their correspondence need to be discussed in the essays.
  • All answers worth 50 points, the final grade will be determined by the sum of the scores.
  • There is no possibility to improve your earned grade or to repeat the exam.
  • After passing the written exam successfully, you will have the chance to take the oral exam.



Developmental psychology
Compare the freudian model of psychosexual development to Erikson's model of psychosocial development

(Aspects of evaluations (not provided on the exam!!!): scientific data collection; span of development; principles of development; stages etc.; libidinal instincts; oral-, anal - phallic- genital stage; latency; erogenous zones;Ego; Super-Ego; modus; modality; identity; culture; crisis; conflict (intrapsychic vs. environmental); psychohistory; retrospective; epigenetics; Eriksonian stages (basic trust vs. mistrust etc.))


Personality Psychology
Describe the changes of personality concept from  Behaviorism to Humanistic approach of personality

(Aspects of evaluation (not provided on the exam!!!): impact of different conditioning types on personalty, Skinner's approach, behivorist principals, cognitive revolution, Rogers, phenomenal field, role of experiences, characteristic of mature personality, Maslow, hierarchy of needs, peak experiences)


Courses covered in the written assignment: Introduction to Personality Psychology; Social psychology: Culture and Socialization; Learning, Communication, socialization; Evolutionary Psychology I.;Evolutionary Psychology II.; Motivation; Theories of Emotion; The Cognitive Psychology of Attention; Perceptual Basis of Knowledge; Perceptual Basis of Learning; The Cognitive Psychology of Memory; The Cognitive Psychology of Thinking; Social Development; Analytical Developmental Psychology; Cognitive Developmental of Psychology; Behavioural Views of Personality; Personality Theories of Depth Psychology I.; Personality Theories of Depth Psychology II.; Social Psychology of Communication; Cognitive Social Psychology; Analytical Social Psychology



2. Oral Presentation of a Research Paper

  • Presentation of freely chosen Reserach Paper (emprical).
  • The paper needs to be presented in 15 minutes with Power Point (Prezi).
  • After the presentation the examination board may ask questions regarding even the theory or the research part of the presentation
  • The evaluation of the presentation is independent from the previous evaluation of the Research paper.
  • There is no possibility to improve your earned grade or to repeat the exam.



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