Students' scientific activity


The previously presented research units and teams are not teachers’ ‘ivory towers’. Students also have the opportunity to join scientific teamwork. In this way, collaboration between teachers and students has become closer since the establishment of the institute that has been manifested in our students’ active participation in the scientific programme of the National Conferences of Scientific Students' Associations (abbreviated as OTDK in Hungarian). At the five OTDK conferences held during the past ten years, our students have presented nearly 50 studies whose quality could hardly be better reflected in anything else than in the fact that more than 30 of them ranked 1st to 3rd places. Joining any of our research units and teams provide students with opportunities to present their studies at Hungarian and international conferences as well as to publish them.

 Our students’ activity have also yielded Fellowships Granted by the Republic in recent years. In the academic year of 2013-2014, six of the twenty-four fellowships were awarded to psychology students at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Pécs.

Our faculty supports students’ scientific activity in several ways. Its talent management programme financially supports students’ conference participation and academic progress while two colleges for advanced studies named after Endre Grastyán and Károly Kerényi help students progress by employing mentor teachers and organizing conferences. Our institute is concerned in these colleges both by participating students and teachers. 

Institute of Psychology

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