Registering for Courses

Tasks and deadlines at the beginning of the semester
Matriculation/Enrolment / Registering for the semester 18 January 2021 – 5 February 2021

Issuing certificates of student status (only for registered students)

from 18 January 2021
Beginning of classes 1 February 2021
Registration period for courses in NEPTUN 29 January 2021 – 5 February 2021
Registration period for ELECTIVE courses in NEPTUN FROM 1 February 2021 to 22 Fabruary

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  • After the deadlines we are unable to help you. Please SEND YOUR COMPLAINTS, notices by e-mail or personally to the administrative officer BEFORE THE DEADLINE!
  • Before you log in to the Neptun, please allow pop-up windows on your computer.
  • Please read all the messages in Neptun, otherwise you will miss important information and notifications.
Registration for the Semester

Additional enrolment from the subsequent years is not required during the training period. In the further semesters students are only required to indicate whether they intend to continue their studies in the given training period (Active semester) or suspend their studies (Passive semester). In case of passive semester students do not have the right to apply for active student status certificate, cannot apply for student card, and extend the residence permit.

Please do not forget! Only those self-supporting students are able to register for the semester who paid the tuition fee.


If the student set his/her STATUS to PASSIVE, that is an interruption of studies, the scholarship holder is not entitled to receive the scholarship and the accommodation allowance until starting the next active semester and the disbursement is also interrupted with the suspension of the student status. During this period, Tempus Public Foundation and the host institution do not have any responsibilities to support the scholarship holder. However, the scholarship holder is entitled to enjoy health care services, if she/he stays in Hungary.

The scholarship holder has to stay in Hungary during the study period, otherwise the student’s scholarship status is terminated.

The students have to inform the higher education institution if she/he spends more than 10 days consecutively abroad during the study period. 

Course Registration Period

Registration should be done in Neptun between 18 January - 5 February 2021

Course Registration in Neptun

Registration for subjects is only valid in Neptun - (in case of late registrations the RO registers students for subjects and courses in Neptun based on the granted permissions).

After the enrolment procedure you will be able to take up your courses in Neptun. In case you are not able to register for your courses for some reason on your own, you must ask for help from the administrative staff of the responsible departments (e.g. Department of International Relations, Department of English Studies etc., - The adminstrators of the Departments and the administrator of the Registrar’s Office are different people with different authorities.)

Subjects in the student’s curriculum can be found using the filter: Subject type = Subjects from curriculum. For selecting Campus courses set the filter as Subject type = All other subjects in the institution. Subjects either not present in one’s curriculum, nor accepted in the campus course programme can be taken only by filling in the request for subjects of other major or in another language.

Register for courses and subjects

Late course Registration and dropping a course

Late registration for a course or dropping a course is possible until 25 September, 2020.

- Ask the tutor to confirm your late registration and acceptance for his/her class in written form (e.g. official email to be sent to

- This confirmation (email) has to containe your full name, Neptun code (not password!), title of the course and the course code.

Dropping a course is only possible in Neptun until the appointed time.

In case you are not able to drop a course for some reason on your own, you must ask for help from the administrative staff of the RO.

The student’s check-up responsibility

Since there is no other registry, please continuously and regularly check your Neptun in the registration period to see if your course list is correct and in the exam period to see if your exam results are recorded correctly and fully.

In case of any course registration problems, turn immediately to the RO before the deadline and possibly in written form. In case of problems with your exam results, please turn to the teacher, of the concerned subject or department officer or to the Registrar’s Office within 17 days after the exam period at latest.

Attending the classes

Attending the classes – except for exam courses – is OBLIGATORY for each courses during the semester.

The teacher has the right to deny the participation of the student at an exam if the student missed more than 3 classes without official medical certificate issued exclusively by the Health Service of UP (Nyár Street 8.,