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Poznan-Budapest 1956

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Poznan-Budapest 1956
An international conference of young researchers about the events in 1956 in Poland and in Hungary. The lectures will be in English. The participation is free. The conference is supported by the Polish Embassy in Budapest.

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13th of October
University of Pécs Faculty of History, Institute of History, Rókus street 2. class room 207

9.45. Opening
Dr. hab. László Jankovits, general and scientific vice dean of Faculty of Humanities of University of Pécs

9.55-11.40. Section 1. The consequences of 1956
Martin Gulyás: Forms of repression after 1956
Dr. Natália Váradi, Phd: Punishment after 1956 according to the KGB documents from the State Archive of the Security Service of Ukraine.
Dr. Artur Lakatos, PhD: The consequences of 1956 in Transylvania. Real and frame-up accusations during the repressive trials 

12.00-13.40: Lunch break

13.40-15.15. Section 2. The theoretical background and common memory of 1956
Dr. Barbara Klich-Kluczewska, PhD: Dirty, Shameful and Sick. Polish Social Problems in the Light of Criticism of Stalinism Era.
Esther Besson-Polatsek: 1956 Warsaw-Budapest, the second revolution of October. International conference, September 1976, Paris.
Melinda Harlov: Public art pieces of the 1956 Revolution in Budapest

15.15-15.40: Coffee break

15.40-17.15: Section 3: International aspects of 1956
Dr. Gusztáv Kecskés D.: NATO, détente and the 1956 Hungarian revolution
Petra Hamerli: Hope and anxiety: The judgement of 1956 in the Vatican Press.
Zsolt Máté: The Polish and Hungarian October in the American Hungarian press

14th of October 
University of Pécs Faculty of History, Institute of History, Rókus street 2. Social Science Technical Library
9.15-10.00: Section 4: 1956 and the refugees
Dr. Gyula Hegedüs, PhD: The reception of the 1956 Hungarian refugees in the United Kingdom
Dr. Kriszta Slachta, PhD: Hungarian Emigrants in West-Germany (FRG) and the Activities of the Hungarian State Security Services

Dr. hab. Barnabás Vajda: Student protests in Czechoslovakia in 1956.
Dr. Péter Bencsik, PhD: Social self-organization in Hungary and in Czechoslovakia in 1956
Dr. István Janek, PhD: Czechoslovakia and the Hungarian revolution in 1956. 

11.30-11.40: Closing remarks
Prof. Dr. hab. Dániel Bagi, vice director of the Institute of History of Faculty of Humanities of University of Pécs

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2016. október 13. 09:45 - 2016. október 14. 11:45
Esemény helyszíne: 
PTE BTK, M épület, 207-es terem (Pécs, Rókus u. 2.)




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