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The World of Swift; Swift and his World. A Celebratory Conference

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Programme of the Conference

The World of Swift; Swift and his World. A Celebratory Conference

A conference dedicated to the 350th anniversary of the birth of Jonathan Swift hosted by the Irish Studies Research Centre and the Institute of English Studies, and organized by Spechel (The Society for the Popularisation of English Culture and of Hungarian Culture in the English Language Medium).


Time: 24-25 November 2017

Venue: Művészetek és Irodalom Háza/House of Arts and Literature, Pécs


Friday, 24 November


12:30-13.15  Opening of the conference by His Excellency Patrick Kelly and Gabriella Hartvig


13.15-14.05 Keynote Lecture

Chair: Gabriella Hartvig


David Clare (Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick): The Fallenness of Humankind or the Perfidy of Albion?: Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels and C. S. Lewis’s The Screwtape Letters


14.15-15.45 Session 1  Chair: Ferenc Takács


Zoltán Abádi-Nagy (University of Debrecen): The Modernity of Ironic Relativization in the Narrative Cognition of Jonathan Swift and Frigyes Karinthy

Andrew C. Rouse (University of Pécs): The Siege of Vienna, French Claret and the London Coffee-Shop Boom

Csaba Maczelka (University of Pécs): Gulliver’s Travels and post-Restoration Utopian Fiction


15.45-16.00 Coffee Break


16.00-17.30 Session 2  Chair: Csaba Maczelka


Gertrud Szamosi (University of Pécs): An Occidentalist Satire in the Voice of the “The Indian Kings”

Ferenc Takács (Eötvös Loránd University): Swift’s Scatological Politics: Sectarian Division and Excremental Satire

János Barcsák (Pázmány Péter Catholic University):Swift’s Endings: Irony as Abjection



18.00-20.00 Concert (The Music of Turlough O’Carolan – Horváth Zsombor, Bodor “Teskó” Tibor, Patkós Richárd) followed by Reception




Saturday, 25 November


9.00-11.00 Session 3  Chair: Zoltán Abádi-Nagy


Edit Bődy (ELTE SEK, Szombathely):  A Man of Intellect in a ‘Unique Drama’: Yeats’s Homage to Swift

Lívia Szélpál (University of Pécs):History on Board. The American Film Adaptations of Gulliver’s Travels

Mária Kurdi (University of Pécs): Swift Haunting Modern Irish Prose and Drama 

Krisztina Kodó (Kodolányi University of Applied Sciences Budapest Institute): The Controversial Affiliations and Role of Thomas Sheridan within the Anglo-Irish Theatrical Landscape of Dublin



11.00-11.15 Coffee Break



11.15-12.45 Session 4 Chair: Andrew C. Rouse


Orsolya Tóth (University of Pécs): “… if Lolott, then my Lolott, she resembles Yorick’s Eliza.” Scripts of Love in the Correspondence of Ferenc Kazinczy and Karolina Gyulay

Gabriella Hartvig (University of Pécs): Swift in Hungary between 1950 and 1990

Bence Kvéder (University of Pécs): Beyond Lilliput: Political and Social Allusions to Contemporary Hungary in László Rab’s Among the Hungarians: Gulliver’s Umpteenth Voyage


12.50 Closing of the Conference


Esemény dátuma: 
2017. november 24. 12:30 - 2017. november 25. 12:45
Esemény helyszíne: 
Művészetek és Irodalom Háza/House of Arts and Literature, Pécs




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