INTALL - International comparative studies in Adult and Lifelong Learning

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On September 1st the ERASMUS+ Strategig Partnership INTALL (International comparative studies in Adult and Lifelong Learning) started with University of Pécs (PTE) / BTK / HFMI as a partner. The initial transnational kick-off meeting took place in Ljubljana (Slo) on November 20th and 21st.  INTALL continues the succesful innovations of the finished COMPALL project and brings together 10 old and new partners: Next to PTE and the project coordinators at Würzburg University, there are the universities of HSU in Hamburg (GE), Padova and Florence (ITA), Lisbon (POR), Pécs (HUN), Dublin (IRE), Ljubljana (Slo) and the international institutions Deutscher Volkshochschulverband DVV international (GER) and the European Assiciation for the Education of Adults EAEA placed in Brussels.

During the next 36 months innovations in comparative adult education research will enhance the joint module developed in COMPALL for MA and PhD students and also bring practictioners into the programme. Find more info in the research section of this page or on the official project page with Würzburg University: INTALL-Homepage

INTALL 2019 Würzburg Winter School Online Tutorial - Dr. habil. Balázs Németh