Main Subjects

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Social Work BA 

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1st semester

Foundations of Social Work

Welfare and Social Economy

Introduction to Societal and Social Policy

Reflective Communication Skills Training

2nd semester

Introduction to Empiric Reasearch

Social Context of Human Development

Special Policy Issues of Life-span Development

Contemporary Drug Policy

3rd semester

Professional Skills Training

Strength-based Social Work with Individuals

Societal Processes and Social Problem

Support Systems

The Psychology of Life-Span Development

4th semester

Family consultation

Lifestyles in the Contemporary Hungarian Society

The Application of Law in Social Work

Operation of Human Services

Public Health and Epidemiology

5th semester

Social Work with Groups

Frameworks of professional work

Addiction Studies - Drugs and Society

Foundations of Child Protection

Social Justice and Professional Ethics

6th semester

Social Work with Communities

Specific Fields and Methods of Social Work

Social Work with Persons with Substance Use Disorder

Introduction to Counselling

7th semester

Intensive Field Practice

Social Work MA 

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1st semester

Contemporary Theories of Social Work

Programme Evaluation

International Aspects of Social Work

Social Problems and Societal Responses

2nd semester

Dilemmas in Social Policy

Analysis of Social and other Human Services

Organizational and Leadership Psychology

3rd semester

Specialisation Module: General Social Work

Specialisation Module: Clinical Social Work

Psychosocial Counselling in Social Work

Social Policy Theories (Historical and Comparative Social Policy)

Individual Casework

4th semester

Analyzing Group Work Processes

Community Work

Social work field practice

Social Policy MA

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1st semester

Historical and comparative social policy

Social problems and societal responses

Analysis of social income transfers

Programme Evaluation

Social policy and economy

2nd semester

Analysis of Social and other Human Services

Social policy and law

Organizational and Leadership Psychology

3rd semester

Social Problems in Urban and Rural Areas

Integration of theory and praxis in local social policy

Contemporary Methods in Family and Elderly Protection

4th semester

Community Work

Regional and local development policy

Internship (Social Policy Practicum)



Department of Community and Social Studies

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