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Our goal is to train competent, committed and innovative professionals who are capable of working effectively in multi-professional settings to assist individuals, families and communities experiencing difficulties in their lives. Our study programmes endeavour to provide students with the critical-reflective thinking skills necessary to understand the socio-cultural context of their work. As future social professionals they should be able to contribute towards constructive social change and prevent social exclusion, poverty, inequality and mental health problems.

Our department has established a dynamic network of various institutions of higher education, research, social care and social administration. Our courses respond to needs of the Hungarian scoiety and meet international trainign standards. We combine theory with teaching lots of relevant practical skills and put a strong emphasis on making our students employable in Hungary and in the European Union.

Our study programmmes reflect the diverse cultural heritage of Pécs, a home for ethnic minorities and European Capital of Culture, 2010. We have a number of international partners who collaborate with us in our research projects and in various academic programmes.








Department of Community and Social Studies

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