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Major research questions, fields and purposes

The aim of the research is to modernise the methods applied in the systems of literacy instructions in lower primary grades of Hungarian public education; to update teachers’ conceptual structure, and beliefs by theoretical, practical, and empirical classroom research. The main feature, basic principle of the planned research is that the research should begin in the classroom and they should work in classrooms as well.

In our research, we are going to apply a number of attributes, factors indicating a change of paradigms which have not been introduced in Hungarian public education. Based on the research literature, the main fields of our research are assessment, evaluation of 1. reading literacy skills, 2. reading fluency, 3. reading strategies. In our view, the integrated interpretation of these three fields makes it possible to build literacy instruction on current theoretical foundations; it is also an aim that reading instruction should be able to support resilience and conform to the changing requirements of the society more efficiently that the present one; therefore, it could contribute to the success of the individual in everyday life and the realisation of equal opportunities.

Our work is supported by the fact that the members of our research group have been conducting research for more than a decade, and have already had a number of research findings in this field. 

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