The image is the work of Victor Vasarely a Pécs-born artist, the founder of op art. 


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Building of the Whitney Museum (since 2016 MET Breuer) the architectural icon of mid 20th century New York, designed by the Pécs-born Marcel Breuer. 

General requirements for all majors

Art History

Classical Studies


Film and Visual Studies



Art Nouveau Eosin glazed bowl, the product of the Zsolnay Porcelain Factory, which was the  world- famous leading porcelain manufacturer of Austro-Hungary. 


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Building of the Mosque of Pasha Yakovali Hassan from the 16th century, one of the numerous Turkish sites of Pécs.  


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Interior view of the Klimo Episcopal Library of Pécs opened in 1774, the first public library of Hungary.  





Liberal Arts

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