Dean's Greeting

University of Pécs is the intellectual heir of the first university in Hungary that was founded in 1367. If universities wouldn’t have been established from the 11th century, our life would be completely different today. We would see the world in a different way and the cultural and social landscape around us wouldn’t be the same either. Europe and Hungary – as we know them today – are strongly dependent on universities; these privileged institutions of knowing, learning, and discovery. As stated in the Magna Charta, the core document of European universities, the main task of universities is to create, investigate, evaluate, and transmit culture. We can only fulfil this mission, if we are morally and intellectually independent from political and economic authorities. University is the very place where teaching and research are inseparable and where teachers devoted to expanding, deepening, and passing on their knowledge can meet students who are willing to enrich their mindset and to accept the assistance of teachers in doing so.

Following the above guidelines, our Faculty has 28 undergraduate, 59 graduate, and more than a dozen applied and scientific postgraduate programs. This colourful scientific and intellectual community is in constant development in rising to the ever-changing challenges of society. This would motivate teachers and students not only to become professionals of specific fields in humanities and social sciences but also to strive for universal knowledge. All these enable the citizens of our Faculty to consider the University a place that is beyond geographical, political, linguistic, and cultural borders while promoting intercultural dialogue and mutual respect. Both teachers and students are invited to do so! The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is a perfect place for students to learn languages, develop their skills, enrich their knowledge, find home in a community, and pursue all the beautiful opportunities of student life that go beyond learning.