Student Counselling

Dear Students,

We would like to inform you that UP’s psychological counselling service Student Counselling is continuously available as online distance service. The psychological support is provided in virtual space, via online channels, like Skype or similar connections.

Privacy and security is a priority for us. Online relationship requires special settings ensured by both parties. We suppose a responsible behaviour of our students.

Online counselling has a special character compared to face to face encounters. Be aware that it may affect the efficacy and understanding of emotional and verbal communication. Beyond the usual areas of support particular attention will also be paid to psychological consequences of staying home or quarantine.

Due to the conditions of these new technologies in counselling, a longer time may occur until making an appointment. Please, be aware that Student Counselling do not provides urgent and emergency service.

Applying for appointment: submit an email to Student Counselling You will receive a prompt reply including the most important information. Then – in some days – your counsellor will instruct you about the technical protocol and communication.

More information regarding this new form of counselling service and conditions will be available on Facebook and on our website

Please, read thoroughly and follow the instructions. You will find there useful tips for successful adjustment these times as well.

Best regards to all of you,
Team of Student Counselling