Psychology BA

Welcome to the undergraduate psychology programme for Institute of Psychology at University of Pécs




Psychology is challenging, exciting and useful, and is now one of the most popular University subjects in Europe.  As the study of behaviour, it has close links with the biological and social sciences as well as with the humanities such as philosophy and literature.

At University Pécs you may study psychology as a Single Honours degree.  This can lead to careers in, for example, clinical, counselling, educational, forensic, health or occupational psychology.  Many psychology graduates work in diverse occupations that do not carry the title ‘psychologist’ because the skills acquired while studying psychology transfer readily to various spheres in the world of work and provide an excellent general education.  The skills that you will learn while studying psychology, which may be of value to you in future careers, include information finding, oral and written communication, numeracy, computer literacy, time-management, problem solving, group working and the ability to carry out independent research.

Recent years have seen a massive growth of interest in behavioural issues in everyday life, ranging from stress, health, human-machine interaction and artificial intelligence, to social dynamics, personal development, mental illness, management techniques and the environment, to name but a few.  Although careers in many of these may require postgraduate training, you are presented with an enviable choice upon graduating.

Psychology is a discipline that incorporates a great many different approaches to the study of behaviour and your first year will acquaint you with many of these and also provide you with the research and study skills that you will need for more in-depth study in later years.  You will need to work hard during your first year in order to ensure success and acquire a solid grounding for later years’ study.  Students typically experience very few problems with their first year, however, problems do occasionally arise and we are here to help if this happens.  If you have problems with your studies, or that affect your ability to study, then please make sure that you let us know and we will do what we can to help.  Detailed information about who to contact when help is needed is provided on pages of this paper.

On behalf of University of Pécs we hope that you find the BSc (BA) Psychology program rewarding.



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