Life beyond studying

Everyone is doing it in a different way 


While you are overwhelmed by the whirl of scientific life, buried under textbooks and dazed of the smell of hops coming from the brewery located near the university, consider taking a quick glance at the offer of our university where your can browse among a wide variety of services, entertainment and relaxation options.

You can receive help with managing petty issues and everyday to-dos of student life at multiple organizational units of the university. With administrative matters (student funds, hostel residence etc.), you can receive support from the Student Centre (Diákcentrum in Hungarian) maintained by the Student Council (abbreviated as HÖK in Hungarian). Regarding less formal matters, the Office of Student Services (name at birth: BTK-TTK Szolgáltató Iroda, nickname: Szolgi) stands at your disposal. At the office, you can have a copy made of your fellow students’ illegible and unintelligible lecture notes or, if you only realize your situation at the end of the semester, you can as well have a bound copy of the curriculum.


You will owe thanks to the staff of the Central Office of Student Services (name at birth: Központi Hallgatói Szolgáltató Iroda, nickname: KÖSZI) for finding help when you feel worn out by student life or when you are worried about your private life (psychological counselling) as well as when you suffer from numb limbs („Fenekestől felforgatunk!” [‘We’ll turn your bottoms up!’] physical fitness programme) or when job-hunting looks desperate (career counselling, job fairs). Of course, if you are about to prevent all this, the KÖSZI will also provide you with useful information in the form of trainings and courses. If you choose to eliminate problems by the final transcendent therapy instead of evanescent secular solutions, the clergymen of the Religious Ministry of the University will foster your spiritual growth within the traditions of several Christian denominations.

Uniquely in Hungary, our university has been the first to establish a University Support Services aimed at facilitating life management of students and teachers living with disabilities. Even if you are not in need of such support, you have the opportunity to prove your empathic sensitivity by undertaking voluntary work at the Support Services.

After having eliminated the entire negative side of your life by the above means, it is time to relax for a moment. The botanical garden surrounding the university buildings, with which you may as well become familiar during lectures held in the garden due to complications about the assignment of lecture rooms, offers an excellent opportunity to have a rest holding an issue of Pécsi Bölcsész in your hand. The official faculty newspaper is the best choice, either you want to gather information on public life at the faculty or you happen to expect a pat on the back from friends for your newly published article. If you are seeking for active recreation having already relaxed too much, you can find a myriad of opportunities staying in the close environment of the university.

The Physical Education and Recreation Centre offers swimming opportunity free of charge or, if you have already found many friends, you can play ball games in the gymnasium within the time slots reserved for students and teachers.  If you are considering to engage in sports more seriously, you are warmly welcome to join any of several departments of the Athletic Club of the University of Pécs established in 1923 (abbreviated as PTE-PEAC in Hungarian).

If fellows at the KÖSZI have already ‘turned your bottom up’ but you have still not had enough of motion, a unique opportunity is offered by an initiative of our university, namely, the Dancing University® (Táncoló Egyetem® in Hungarian).  Here you can find almost everything at all levels from beginner to professional. From body-shaping aerobics to hip-hop electric boogie, you can choose from countless dance styles as well as you can opt, depending on your temperament, for Irish stepdance, Cuban salsa or Hungarian folk dance. Partner dance classes may provide a good preparation for next year’s freshmen’s ball while, in addition, they offer a great opportunity to make new acquaintances.

If you would rather enjoy yourself while sitting, the Janus University Theatre (Janus Egyetemi Színház in Hungarian) awaits you with excellent plays, and if you have a flair for acting, you may as well try yourself on the stage. Besides, the Szolgi (the Office of Student Services) offers tickets at discount price for several concerts and performances held at university venues (e.g. stand-up comedy shows of the Dumaszínház troupe).

Finally, when the sun sinks below the red hills of the Jakabhegy, nightlife is ready to start. In the neighbourhood of the university and in the town centre, pleasing nightclubs await you with the special flavours of Pécs beers and Villány wines. In turn, the faculty club named Szenes offers movie nights, various majors' parties and other fantabulous parties. And if, after all these, you wake up to a new day, you can start all over again!

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