Erasmus programme

This world is already too small for me... (ERASMUS programme)


ERASMUS is a student exchange programme of the European Union aimed at promoting the mobility of teachers and students between higher education institutions across Europe.

The programme enables students to study abroad in an EU member state exempted from tuition for a minimum period of 3 months to a maximum period of 10 months. Since the launch of the programme in 1987, 2.3 million university students have been awarded grants in some form.

Plenty of reasons may be mentioned why an Erasmus grant is worth applying for. The most frequently mentioned ones are as follows: opportunity to learn languages, ample life experience, an international circle of friends, advantage held on the labour market, and it may as well occur that you date The One abroad (it occurs to 1 of every 10 students)! According to a SOMECON study published in 2007, for example, more than 80% of former Erasmus students believe that the grant was very useful regarding their life and progress.

 The Institute of Psychology of Pécs maintains partnerships with more than 19 universities and offers you the opportunity to study abroad in any of 13 countries. You can find partner institutions in all major regions of Europe such as the United Kingdom, Western Europe (France, Belgium, Germany), Southern Europe (Italy, Portugal) and you can choose as well from Hungary’s neighbouring countries (Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria). It is only up to you whether you take the opportunity: almost all applying students obtains the grant. You can apply for an Erasmus grant at any stage of your education: as a BA student, as an MA student and later as a doctoral student or as a university teacher as well.

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