Betekintő | Call for papers |1953: Stalin’s Death and Beyond




The fourth issue of Betekintő reflects on the events of 1953, specifically the death of Stalin, the Soviet Union's political and state leader, and Khrushchev's rise to power. These events caused significant political and social changes in the Socialist Bloc and impacted world politics. The primary objective of the issue is to serve as a reference point for understanding the political shift and crisis in the Soviet Union and how it affected the countries in the Soviet Bloc. Betekintő aims to contribute to the academic discussion by seeking submissions of studies and reviews of related publications that offer new perspectives on the topic, taking into account state security.

The abstracts of up to 300 words should be sent by the deadline below. The maximum length of papers is 50,000 characters (including spaces).

Abstract submission deadline: 11 June 2023.

Manuscript submission deadline: 1 November 2023.

For more information check out the PDF.