Bursaries for students in the Program in English, Irish and American Literatures at the Doctoral School of Literary Studies




Bursaries for students in the Program in English, Irish and American Literatures at the Doctoral School of Literary Studies at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Pécs


The Doctoral School of Literary Studies calls for applications for bursaries for its students in the Program in English, Irish and American Literatures to support their research, their publications as well as to advance their academic activities.

The bursary is conditional on academic activities and merit, the excellence of the research students pursue, all of which is to be detailed in the three-page application to be handed in to the board to make the decision. The scholarship may be awarded to a student enrolled in the program for the academic year of 2022/2023 who continues his/her studies without interruption, and who is deemed worthy by the board on the basis of his/her academic, professional and publication record. The board will support those applications that testify to the applicants’ continuous effort to publish, and those who attend and present at conferences.

The budget of the bursaries for 2022/2023 is 1,000,000 Hungarian Forints, which is designated to support a maximum of five students up to 200,000 Hungarian Forints each. The bursaries will be paid in line with the provisions of the Code of Charges and Benefits (Annex 6 of the Statues of the University of Pécs) in one lump sum at the end of the academic year 2022/2023.

Applications are to be handed in via email, addressed to the program manager: sari.laszlo@pte.hu. The deadline is 5th June, 2023. Late submissions and addenda will not be accepted. The board responsible for the decision will comprise the manager of the doctoral school, the manager and deputy manager of the program and the student representative of the doctoral school of the student union. Decisions will be based on grade point averages (25 point), publications (25 points), conference participations (25 points), and proposed activities for the first semester of 2023/2024. (25 point). In order for students to qualify for the bursary, a minimum score of 80 points is required. Bursaries are given in proportion to scores achieved.

Students who receive the bursary are required to write and file a report on their progress in their studies, academic activities and publications, detailing how the bursary contributed to the progress they will have made. Reports are due by the end of the Fall semester of 2023/2024. If the recipient fails to file the report by the deadline, he/she shall repay the bursary in full, based on the decision of the board..

The board will make its decision in ten workdays and will notify applicants individually via email.

The applicant shall be entitled to submit an appeal against decisions adopted in the application procedure within fifteen days from the notification of the applicant in question or in the lack of such notification from the date when s/he learns about such decision. The Secondary Educational Committee shall deal with the appeal claim.

By clicking here, you can access the call for applications.

Photo: Szabolcs Csortos