COVID-19: Important changes in pandemic control policy



The Government of Hungary announced on 28 October 2021 that masks will be compulsory on public transport from 1 November! Please make sure you comply with this!

The University of Pécs has also decided to make important changes.

Due to the epidemiological situation, after the autumn break, from 2 November (Tuesday) it will be compulsory to wear a mask (medical mask, safety mask, or mask made of textile or other material) that covers the nose and mouth at all times. The wearing of a mask is compulsory: 

  • throughout the University and in enclosed areas (including classrooms, common areas, corridors, reception areas and offices).
  • at any event, meeting or board meeting held in a closed area.
  • wearing a mask is also mandatory in the common areas of the dormitories, but not in your own room

The rules introduced also cover the work of the Registrar's Office. As a general rule, the administration of studies should be done online, except for individual appointments. For appointments, please contact: 

Violations of these rules will lead to individual disciplinary action.

Take care of yourselves and each other during the autumn break!