Dean's Decree



II. Persons under the decree

The campus of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences can only be attended by persons who do not show symptoms of COVID-19.

When entering the campus and when you are on campus, you have to wear a facial mask.

IV. Rules regarding on campus education with personal attendance

All courses should be organized on campus with personal attendance. For the exceptions please see IV/b.

Where it is possible, 1,5 meters social distance should be kept during the lessons.

Students have to wear a facial mask during the lessons.

If 1,5 meters social distance from the students can be kept, teachers are allowed to give lectures without a facial mask.

During your encounters with the administrative staff at the Faculty, you have to wear a facial mask.

IV/b. Special rules for international students

Course syllabus should be available for students before the 11th September, 2020 in electronic format.

For international students (with online education permission granted) who cannot participate on the courses in person, study materials should be available. Students and teachers should agree on at least four individual or group consultations before 18th September, 2020. This is the responsibility of both students and teachers. Teachers are not obligated to offer more than four consultations.


V. Examinations in the semester

For exams, online examinations should be given a priority.




V/b. Online examinations

For online examinations, students should be informed about the platform of examination 10 days in advance.

It is highly recommended to contact students on the chosen platform before the exam, in order to check the proper functioning of the platform.

For online final exam, the chair and at least one member should be on the examination board. External examiners are not compulsory.


V/b. On campus examinations with personal attendance

With professional reasons, examinations can take place on campus with personal attendance.

In case of oral exams, students should arrive at a scheduled appointment.

Only students and teachers who do not show symptoms of COVID can participate on the exams. Right before the exam, both teachers and students have to fill out a pre-triage declaration. Administration of the pre-triage declarations is the responsibility of the examiner.

During exams, if 1,5 meters social distance cannot be kept, both teachers and students have to wear a facial mask. If 1,5 meters social distance can be kept, wearing a facial mask is recommended.

During exams, students and teachers should adhere to health regulations. Only two students and the examiner(s) can stay in the room at the same time.

Facial masks and protective gloves are recommended while students are waiting or preparing for the exam.

VII. Inauguration of the decree

The decree is inaugurated on the 27th August, 2020. It is valid until cancellation.