Extraordinary Government Measures




On November 10, 2020, the Hungarian Parliament voted on a bill on the extraordinary authorization of the government, which means that the Hungarian government received the power to govern by decrees for 90 days, in order to mitigate the epidemic in Hungary. Further details of the Prime Minister’s announcement in the context of online education at Universities and the closure of dormitories is yet to be published by the Government. The UP Operative Crew will take the necessary measures without delay based on the government decrees outlining the detailed instructions.

According to the Prime minister’s announcement, the following measures are expected from midnight 10 November.

The sections specifically related to the citizens of the University of Pécs are marked in italics.


  • Education

Higher education is transitioning to online education.

The University of Pécs allows the Deans to order a Dean's break if necessary. Information about this will be available on the website of the respective Faculty.

The goal is to make it possible for all our students to complete the semester they have begun, so Faculties can review the curricula and prerequisites for face-to-face practice courses.

The University of Pécs intends to ensure the availability of dormitory placement for students participating in or wishing to join voluntary health care activities, and may also allow dormitory placement in other justified cases (e.g. foreign students) within the framework of the Rector's discretion. The details will be outlined without undue delay after the relevant government decree is published.

In secondary schools, training for classes above 8th grade continues online. The related Ministry decision was received by the heads of the institutions, more information will be available on the institutions' websites.

Nurseries, kindergartens, and primary schools will remain open.


  • Curfew

Between 8:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m., you can only leave your accommodation for going to or coming back from work (it must be certified upon police inspection) or in case of a life-threatening danger or other serious hazard. An exception to the curfew may be walking the dog, the detailed rules of the exception will be decided by the municipalities.


  • Gatherings

All gatherings are prohibited.

Friend and family gatherings shall not exceed 10 people.


  • Events

There is a general prohibition on organizing and attending events.

From now on, the Rector of UP only allows the organization of online events.

There shall be no wedding parties. Only the couples, their parents and siblings, and the witnesses can attend church and civil wedding ceremonies.

A maximum of 50 people shall attend funerals.


  • Shops, cafes, cultural institutions

Restaurants must be closed, only home delivery possible. Canteens may remain open.

Service providers (hairdressers, cosmeticians, nail salons, massage salons, shoemakers, etc.) and stores in general can be open until 7:00 p.m.

Theatres, zoos, museums, cinemas must be closed.


  • Sports

All sports matches must be played behind closed gates.

Hobby team sport events are prohibited.

Individual sports are allowed outdoors.

Gyms and pools must be closed.

Further information on the closure of the sports facilities of the University of Pécs will be issued following the publication of the relevant government decrees.


  • Test Requirements

Hospital, nursery school, kindergarten and school employees must be tested on a weekly basis.

Primary school teachers, kindergarten and nursery staff working for the University of Pécs should ask their supervisor for details of the testing.


In addition to the above, the government has introduced some economic measures to protect jobs in hotels and catering establishments.

The rules for wearing a facemask have not changed: it is required to wear a facemask indoors and on public transport. Compliance is monitored by the police.

We ask everyone to observe the rules and to try to adapt to the changed conditions in the current situation for the safety of our employees, our families and ourselves. With responsibility, cooperation, and appropriate preventive measures, we will show again, like we did in the spring, that the citizens of the University of Pécs stand strong together in these trying time of the coronavirus pandemic.


Take care of each other.

Source: PTE

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