Semester start 2020/21



Dear Students and Future Students of the University of Pécs,

As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has altered university life in a profound way. Not only the teaching methods, the possibility of entering the institution, but also our everyday life took unusual turns – the details of which are known for all.

I am happy to announce that our university is free from the COVID-19 disease, and we did not register any new cases in the last 27 days in Baranya County (the wider region of City of Pécs). Our main policy on this front is straightforward, and stays ‘Safety First’, in line with the requisite that we must follow the basic instructions regarding social distancing and personal hygiene.

Based on the information we have now, we prepare to organize the Autumn semester of Academic Year 2020/21 as we would usually do, meaning that the classes that would function in a classroom with physical presence will run accordingly, and if a class was originally designed to run virtually / online, it will stay that way. The University of Pécs has proven readiness in this regard during the past months, therefore, is confident in being able to deliver any necessary measurement, if needed.

Of course, during any pandemic the situation can change quickly, and we do construct backup plans for blended or fully virtual semesters, but as things are right now, and as far as the predicitions go, we are confident to say that we will get back to normal education from September.


Kind regards,

Prof. Attila Miseta