Student legal status

The legal status is indicated by matriculation, and lasts until either finishing your studies or dismissal or exmatriculation upon the student’s own will.

To keep the status going in the first semester you need to matriculate in Neptun, in the further semesters the process is easier and is called enrolment in Neptun.

A semester can be in active or passive (temporarily pending) status.

In certain cases it is possible to enrol after the set deadline (late registration).

It is only possible in active semesters to register for courses, complete subjects, take exams, and also it is only active semesters you have to pay tuition fee for.

You can have two passive semesters consecutively (after each other) without special permission.

May you miss the enrolment for two semesters after each other (you do not set the coming semester to either active) you will be dismissed.

Matriculation in Neptun

Freshmen obligated to enroll and to set their status to active in Neptun (which is the Electronic Educational Administrative System).

The colleagues of the Registrar’s Office will assist you with the matricultion procedure on the Orientation Days.

You can find a detailed guide for the procedure here.

Neptun, Neptun code, password

The University of Pécs uses Neptun system since 2016 as an educational organizing platform. Its predecessor was ETR.

Students can reach this platform through https://neptun.pte.hu/en, the username (Neptun-code) and the password is provided by the Registrar’s Office before the Orientation day. The very same username-password combo can be used when accessing the university wifi (eduroam).

After 5 failed log-in attempts the system temporarily disables your access privilege for 6 hours. The log-in attempts accumulate from Neptun, MS Teams, Moodle, any university WiFi and any other sites that require a log-in with your Neptun code.

 The most common is that your phone will not connect to wifi and the device will try again and again, reaching 5 tries pretty quickly. I suggest you check your login details, maybe turn off automatic wifi connection on campus. Please make sure that if you changed your Neptun password recently, none of your devices are keeping and using your previous password. It is best if you disable automatic WiFi connection on campus.

If you do not remember your Neptun password, you can reset it yourself via https://password.pte.hu/ if you have your phone number registered in Neptun. Also keep in mind that if you ever change your password in Neptun, this same new password will be applied to all sites using your Neptun code (Teams, Moodle, WiFis, etc.)

Student Status Certificate

It is possible to issue student certificate only from the first day of the semester (the first day of the instruction period).

You can ask for certificates at the Registrar’s Office or in email via student.humanities@pte.hu

You can ask the study administrator at the Registrar's Office  to include a purpose of the certification if needed.

You can ask certification for passive semesters as well, and there is no limitation on the requested quantity.

Certifications can be picked up personally or by a third party with the student’s authorization in office hours, or it can be sent via email.