Exam period

The examination period

For actual dates of the exam period, please visit the Academic Calendar

The conditions of exam registration

If you fail to meet any of the following requirements, you CANNOT register for you exams in Neptun.

  • the rate of absence

“The student may be refused to be granted a grade, an assessment, or a signature in the given course for the reason of absence only if he/she has been absent from the contact hours actually given in excess of the rate specified when announcing the course. […] The major director may specify 15-30% of the total number of hours as the rate of acceptable absence when announcing the course.” (Article 45 (2) CSE)

  • have no payment obligation (e.g. tution fee, dormitory fee. library late fee)

“If a student fails to meet his/her tuition fee or any other fee payment obligation in the absence of an allowance specified in Article 54 hereof until the commencement of registration for examination, he/she cannot register for examination and shall not be granted entry to examination.” (Article 57 (3) CCB)

Exam registration rule in Neptun
  • signing up for an exam: 24 hours prior to the exam time
  • deregistering from an exam: 36 hours prior to the exam time

Please note! Student can have one valid exam registration for a subject at a time, which means that you cannot register for two or more dates of an exam at the same time.

Exam types
  • Retaken and repeated retaken exam

unsuccessful exams can be repeated twice during the given term of study

  • Bettering exam / Upgrading exam

in case of exam successfully taken student can take one bettering exam only once (during the same exam period)

e.g. if you received grade 4 for the first time when participating the exam, but you would like to go for a 5, you can give it a try – but please note that the latest grade will be valid, even if it is worse grade (3, 2, 1) than you received for the first take

Conditions of participating at an exam

Valid exam registration In Neptun.

Student must identify him/herself to the examiner (e.g. passport, identity card).

Not showing up at an exam

In case of not showing up at a registered exam (absence), the exam chance becomes used, “absence” will be registered to the exam result.

Absence may be certified by medical certification (which has been issued by the Occupational Health and Work Hygiene Center and identify the exam properly [Pécs, Nyár street]) submitted after the exam. Only in this case the notification can be modified to “certified absence” in the Neptun – the exam chance may not be considered to be used from then.

Exam fees
  • Fee for third or any further exam: 2.500 HUF

(the student shall add the debt to his/her Neptun account and pay it online BEFORE the exam registration of the third or any further exam, for more info: Transcribe items PTE 20160216.pdf -- https://h.neptun.pte.hu/hallgato/login.aspx )

  • For uncertified exam absence: 2.000 HUF

(the fee is to be imposed by the Central Registrar’s Office in Neptun within 20 days after the exam period)

1. Appeal

It is the responsibility of the student to check the notifications, registered information regarding his/her exams and grades in the Neptun.

Please note! Within 14 days counted from the end of the exam period the student has the right to report the responsible department if he / she cannot see his / her gained grade or the grade appearing in Neptun is wrong.

In case of any problem, let the tutor of the course or the Registrar’s Office know IN TIME.