Important information and steps of Erasmus Course Recognition

Information and steps of Course Recognition

The Faculty's Erasmus and other Mobilities policy requires:

Min. 15 specialised ECTS to be recognised/semester


Min. 3 specialised courses to be recognised/semester

The three steps of recognition



1. Pre-Course Recognition form

DOWNLOAD: Courses to register for during ERASMUS mobility and to be recognized upon successful completion here

  • Must be submitted before the start of mobility.
  • Without this the Faculty Coordinator does not sign the Learning Agreement, without which no grant contract can be signed (= the Erasmus grant cannot be paid).
  • The completed and signed form must be handed in at the International Relations Office or sent by e-mail to .
  • The course(s) can only be recognised if at least 75% of comparable knowledge overlaps with the content of the course(s) announced by the Faculty (UP).
  • Consultation with professors: Their signature on the Pre-Course Recognition form certifies that they consider the courses suitable to be recognized upon successful completion.

2. Request for a prolonged exam period form

DOWNLOAD: Request for a prolonged exam period form here

  • Must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office and sent via e-mail to .
  • If you submit this form, you will have until 20 March instead of end of January for the autumn semester and until 20 September instead of  end June for the spring semester to complete your registered courses.

3. Request Erasmus Recognition from

DOWNLOAD: Request Erasmus Recognition here

  • The student is required to submit a Transcript of Records issued by the partner-host university as proof of completion of the courses taken during the mobility, which must also be scanned and sent to the faculty coordinator (
  • After filling out the form:
    • submit it to the Departmental Mobility Coordinator
    • obtain the necessary approvals and signatures
    • send it to
  • Course recognition is possible until 20 March for the autumn semester and 20 September for the spring semester.

ATTENTION: If the mobility in the semester of the final examination, Erasmus courses must be completed before the final examination begins. If this is not possible, a postponement of the final examination is recommended. The date of the final examination cannot be changed.

Learning Agreement

Learning Agreement - Preparing the LA – Before the Mobility

Responsibilities of the student:

  • Obtain the program of courses they intend to take at the host institution.
  • Ask the subject supervisor and the relevant teachers for a proposal for the adoption of subjects.
  • Submit the Learning Agreement (LA) to the faculty coordinator after the departmental coordinator(s) has (have) confirmed that he/she considers the courses to be suitable for admission by signing the Pre-Course Recognition form.

Learning Agreement - Modifying the LA – During the Mobility

Responsibilities of the student:

  • During the mobility period, the student will discuss any changes to the Learning Agreement with the relevant lecturers and inform the Erasmus+ faculty coordinator of the change.
  • No later than halfway through their mobility.
  • Based on this, the faculty coordinator signs the Learning Agreement During the Mobility.

If you have questions, please contact:

+ 36 30 185 3904

or on MS Teams