Information about the Final Exam period in the 2022/2023 spring semester (30 May – 23 June 2023)



Information about the Final Exam period in the 2022/2023 spring semester

(30 May – 23 June 2023) 


Information regarding the upload of your thesis and final exam:

If you wish to complete your studies and obtain a diploma in the spring semester of the academic year 2022/2023, please read the following information carefully.

Students intending to take the final examination at the University of Pécs in the final examination period of June 2023 have to comply with the following requirements of the University of Pécs University of Pécs, Annex 5 of the Organisational and Operational Rules, Annex 5, Article 59. (8):

"The thesis shall be submitted electronically in the form determined by the University. The student is obliged to upload his/her thesis, the thesis title declaration and other required documents onto the University’s electronic system and commit himself/herself to it by submission. The Faculties can prescribe the submission in printed form besides the electronic form."

Therefore, for the spring semester of the academic year 2022/2023, you will be required to register for final examination and submit a thesis.


Guides and deadlines

You can do both online on your Neptun site. Follow the links below for step-by-step instructions on how to register for the final exam and upload your thesis:

Students who have already submitted and uploaded their thesis in a previous semester and have a valid evaluation must also register for the final exam period!


Final exam application period: 16 – 26 11:59PM March 2023

Thesis upload deadline: 03 April 2023 11:59PM


Required documents

Please note that the submission of the thesis topic report form is a prerequisite. Documents must be submitted at the relevant department.

You can find out about the formal requirements for the thesis by following this link.

The thesis must include the "Declaration of originality for thesis" and also "Copyright disclaimer" documents. Both documents must be signed and inserted at the end of the thesis.


Students who no longer have active student status

For students who no longer have active student status, the fee for the final examination is 
10 000 HUF according to Annex 1 of the Code of Charges and Benefits. 

To transcribe an item, log in to Neptun, then choose the Finances/Payment menu. You will see a grey button labelled Transcribe item. If you click on it a pop-up window will show up.

Please fill it out according to the following:

  • Payment titles: Service

  • Terms: 2022/2023/1

  • Subject: Final closing exam fee for those withourt student status

Then select Create item.

After you created the items you can pay it as you would anything else. You can find all payment options on our website:

In this case VPOS (credit card payment in Neptun) is most advisable, as that shows up the fastest in Neptun. If you wish to pay by bank transfer be sure to transfer to the university’s main HUF bank account – this could take a few days to be registered at the Central Registrar’s Office.


After obtaining the pre-degree certificate and having your status be ’Absolved’, the final examination can be taken as follows:

Article 50 (3) of Act CCIV of 2011 on National Higher Education:

"Students may take the final examination after obtaining the pre-degree certificate. The final examination may be taken in the final examination period following the award of the pre-degree certificate within the framework of the student's student legal status, and within two years after the termination of the student's status, in any examination period, according to the applicable training requirements. The Code of Studies and Examinations may make the final examination conditional upon the expiry of the second year after the issue of the final certificate. No final examination may be taken after the fifth year following the end of the student's student legal status.”



Students who have not fulfilled the curricular requirements will NOT BE ADMITTED TO THE FINAL EXAM.

The examination period for students registered for the final exam will end on 12 May 2023. Candidates will have until the end of this period to have their courses recognised.

Applications received after this date will not be accepted by the Registrar's Office. If you have any questions, please contact us at


Pre-degree certificate

Students who registered for the final exam until the given deadline will be notified about their advancement shortly after the final exam registration period is over, in order to make the student aware if they are missing any credits.

Once the examination period for students registered for the final exam is over (12 May) the Registrar’s Office will issue the pre-degree certificate for students who fulfilled all the requirements of their curriculum and change their student status to ’Absolved’.


You can find even more detailed information about graduation on the Faculty website: here.

Should you have any further questions, contact the Registrar’s Office via


This guide can be downloaded as a PDF from the Faculty website: here