Departments of Literatures and Cultures in English

Department of English Literatures and Cultures

The Department of English Literatures and Cultures within the Institute of English Studies provides a versatile and multidisciplinary take on the English-speaking world, past and present. We offer a broad spectrum of subjects in British, North American, and Irish literature, cultural studies and history at BA, MA and doctoral levels. Our approach combines global research and teaching trends with the unique Central European perspective on conceptualizing and understanding the English-speaking world.

The department plays a major role in shaping the field of English Literatures and Cultures in the Hungarian higher education landscape. Colleagues pursue interdisciplinary as well as area-specific research in narrative, identity, translation studies, reception studies, environmental humanities, popular culture, and postcolonial studies. In our research, we seek and maintain regional and international cooperation to reconceptualize traditional approaches and offer new insights into understanding cultures and societies through literature and cultural studies. Regular visits by colleagues from Europe and the Americas create and maintain a multicultural environment.

The classes we teach are dynamic and student-centered. Professors integrate digital humanities to enhance critical thinking and problem solving. Our staff are committed to creating an engaging classroom environment that facilitates the development of cross-cultural understanding, and intercultural communication.

We encourage our students to learn about a wide range of cultural and literary issues, as well as to find their interest and voice related to the field to which they are most responsive. Classes employ state-of-the-art approaches and methods, making them active as well as interactive to help students understand their learning process.

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