Admission of Hungarian Students


Application requirements

  • You need to apply via the system
  • You need to possess a B2 level English language exam certificate acknowledged in Hungary.
    • You do not need this certificate if you have continued your undergraduate studies in English
  • CV in English
  • Motivation letter in English
  • Research proposal in Counselling or School Psychology (4000-6000 characters)
  • Entrance Exam in June


Entrance exam

For the entrance exam a motivational letter and a research proposal in the field of counselling or school psychology have to be submitted. The research proposal should be 4000-6000 characters (with spaces), and should cover the goals, the theoretical background (literature), the hypotheses and the planned methods of the research. During the exam these two documentations will be discussed. As part of the exam the applicants will be provided a case in the field of counselling and school psychology. Through this assignment the examination board will check the applicants’ attitudes and understanding of psychological problems. The professional solutions of the given cases are not expected. The examination board will evaluate the applicants' language proficiency as well.


Deadline of application: 15th February 2024

Beginning of studies: September 2024

Enterance exams will take place in June 2024


TUITION FEE of the programme:

Supported positions (max. 7 persons): 0Ft + 150.000Ft*/semester

Self-financing positions: 400.000Ft + 150.000Ft*/semester.

* The students pay 150.000Ft foreign language contributions each semester




Institute of Psychology

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