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At Pécs, we offer a Hungarian Psychological Society accredited BA Honours degree in Psychology. Our students develop skills in experimental science, communicating with others, statistical analysis, and research, ensuring that our psychology graduates are well equipped to pursue a range of careers.

As a discipline, psychology occupies an unusual position crossing traditional subject boundaries, and shares elements with the arts, sciences and social sciences. It also has strong links with the biological sciences and draws upon research methods and finding.

Psychology also draws upon theoretical bases from fields such as philosophy and social anthropology. As behavioural science is dependent on experimental design and methods, it also utilises statistics to test hypotheses. The study of psychology is therefore a multidisciplinary undertaking, and a student graduating with a degree in psychology will have acquired a wide range of skills.





Psychology BA Honours


You take a compulsory set of modules introducing you to the concept of individual differences, and the core areas of biological, perceptual, social, developmental and cognitive psychology.

You also take a statistics module to help you analyse and interpret data for experimental psychology, and the data you collect in the practical course.

You spent undertaking practical work and studying advanced methods. Alongside the development of these key skills, you study areas of psychology in greater detail, with topics such as language and thought, intelligence, motivation, emotion, perception, personality and social psychology .

You are also required to undertake an experimental projects on a topic of your choice.




Teaching is through a combination of lectures, practical classes and seminars. Practical classes enable you to experience phenomena for yourself and to ‘experiment’ on fellow students. This introduces you to some of the methodological problems of practical work in psychology and increases your expertise in the analysis and interpretation of data.

Our students come from very diverse backgrounds in terms of prior study and knowledge, so our degree is structured to enable everyone to fill in the gaps in their own expertise; modules in  1-year assume no prior knowledge of psychology but do assume a basic understanding of mathematics and biology. 

Assessment is based upon a mixture of examinations and continuous assessment, in the form of essays tests and report writing.  

In  year 2 and 3 you also submit an individual experimental projects on a subject of your choice. 



 International students


Your choice of university is an important step towards your future. You are not only choosing a programme to study, you are also choosing a place to live. Pécs has everything you need for successful studies and enjoyable experiences. We welcome students from all over the world and are already home to around 2,500 international students from more than 100 different nations.

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Disabled students


We welcome applications from students with disabilities. Disability Support provides help and advice whilst you are at the University, and make every effort to provide a suitable learning environment for you. 

Further information

If you have any questions about this degree programme contact:

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To find out more about the University and its facilities, including accommodation, sports and social activities, or the city and surrounding area, take a look at the University’s website.

Visiting the University

If you would like to visit the University before you apply, our Institute  offers subject talks. We give you the opportunity to talk to current students and members of staff. You can discuss the degree programmes as well as seeing the University and its facilities. Contact Ms. Anita Velosy.



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