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Master studies in Sociology at the University Pécs come with a focus on data analytics. Grounded in up-to-date knowledge of social theory and insight into a wide range of social challenges, the program focuses on mastering applied research, advanced level statistics, and the implementation of various empirical research methods in the study of current social issues.

Head of program: Katalin Füzér PhD, Associate Professor of Sociology ( LinkedIn Profile

Program coordinator: Dávid Erát PhD, Assistant Professor of Sociology (erat.david@pte.huLinkedIn Profile

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The MA program in Sociology at the University of Pécs, Department of Sociology offers students the opportunity to address social, demographic and policy issues from an applied research perspective. We focus on providing students up-to-date courses on social theories and social problems which serve as the basis for planning and conducting empirical research, utilizing quantitative and/or qualitative data from multiple sources. The goal of the program is to train experts who possess skills to address social problems and opportunities, excel in data analytics, and can visualize and communicate research results for various audiences. The applied knowledge our students gain is sought after by employers in multiple domains and is key to contemporary academic research.

Throughout the four semesters of our program, lectures and interactive seminars offer theoretical studies ranging from the classics to contemporary social theories covering key topics of sociology such as education, gender, media, urban, rural and demographic processes. Courses on empirical methods assist students in acquiring high-level knowledge in an applied setting, with a track of seminars dedicated to independent research projects covering the whole research spectrum from the formation of a study topic to the selection of research methods, their implementation in data analysis, culminating in the presentation and dissemination of research results on diverse platforms. Students looking for careers in and outside academia receive career coaching to realize their plans.

As the MA program in Sociology specializes in Data Analytics, several courses will be dedicated to the theory and application of statistical methods in academic and non-academic scenarios. Students will learn to use multiple methods at an advanced level (such as classifiers, methods of dimension reduction and multivariate modeling techniques), and acquire strong skills in data visualization and interpretation using the R programming language among other available tools.

In sum, the MA in sociology with data analytics specialization might be for you:

  1. If you are interested in understanding current social challenges from a sociological perspective.

  2. If you want to gain applied analytical skills, particularly in data analytics.

  3. If you are open to developing your skills as a researcher to plan and conduct your independent research projects, interpret, present and communicate your research results at an advanced level.

  4. If you want to acquire a growth mindset by being open to further developing your skills in applied social sciences, statistical analysis and programming in a data analytics context.

1st semester

Research methods, research workshop, advanced quantitative analysis, social theory classics, gender, social exclusion, education in social context

2nd semester

Research methods, research workshop, advanced quantitative and qualitative analysis, contemporary social theory, data analytics track courses

3rd semester

Research workshop, contemporary social theory, independent research project, career coaching (career advice, internship, reflective supervision), data analytics track courses

4th semester

Independent research project, market and opinion research, applied social research, media, social structure, professional portfolio


Degree: Master Degree in Sociology (Data Analytics)

Duration of Training: 4 semesters

Language: English

Intake: Fall

Deadline of Application: 

Next Starting Date: 

Tuition fee: 2500 EUR /sem.

Application fee: EUR 140

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